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Switchboard Upgrade Melbourne

A switchboard or a fuse box is the central hub where all electricity is directed to a structure. It is the primary device that distributes power to a given structure and enables it to run its appliances and other power points. As such, the importance of a high-quality switchboard cannot be understated.

Unfortunately, many homes in Melbourne are still using outdated or older versions of switchboards that were installed when the building was first created. This is a potential safety hazard as a faulty switchboard tends to have fuses that explode when they draw too much power. This explosion is a potential fire hazard that can cause significant damage to all the electrical systems of a structure, while also being dangerous for any individuals in the vicinity. As such, it is crucial to get a switchboard upgrade which will ensure that an older switchboard is changed to a newer, more functional one that will have multiple systems in place to ensure that these problems never occur.

Any property’s electrical wiring gets its main supply of electricity from a switchboard via various circuits built around the property. A faulty or older switchboard can cause a power surge, where the circuits will deliver a significantly higher amount of power to all electrical points in your home. In other words, even touching a switch under these circumstances could cause a near-fatal electrical shock. It is imperative then that homeowners and business owners carry out an electrical safety inspection to evaluate whether or not they need a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne and Emergency Electrician Melbourne.

With a switchboard upgrade a standing structure will get a brand-new switchboard that is fully compliant with the minimum safety regulations set by the Australian Government. Furthermore, a new switchboard will eliminate problems like short-circuiting appliances and flickering lights. In the event of a surge, the switchboard will also break the electrical circuit to prevent an electrical shock.

Through a switchboard upgrade, both a standing structure and the people within are fully protected and can use their electrical appliances as they please. It varies on the type of switchboard upgrade that is required as this is primarily based on the size of the current switchboard and the level of cabling.

Switchboard Upgrade Services


At Titanium Electrical, we provide comprehensive switchboard upgrades in Melbourne.

If you have a switchboard, that is particularly aged, then you might be in dire need of a switchboard upgrade. Even if the switchboard is not showing any problems, it could end up lying dormant and creating a near-fatal issue sometime down the line. Prevention is the best solution in these circumstances and that is exactly what you can get through a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne.

At Titanium Electrical, we take pride in providing comprehensive electrical services in a speedy and efficient manner. When you approach us for a switchboard upgrade, we will immediately send over one of our experienced technicians to take a look and they will recommend the best switchboard upgrade that you require.
Even better, when a property conducts a switchboard upgrade in Melbourne and Safety Switch Electrical Services, then the electrician can provide you with a Certificate of Compliance Electrical Work, which attests that the upgrade has been duly tested and is fully compliant with the current legislative regulations.

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