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Smoke Detector Installation Services

Smoke Detector installation is not just an important installation for an Australian home but is also a mandatory one. Since 1997 Victorian law mandates that smoke alarms need to be installed in every single unit, townhouse, or home. This legal responsibility placed on owners and landlords is highly imperative to ensure that the potential danger of a fire hazard can be responded to in the fastest and most appropriate manner.

Many individuals may be unaware of the simple fact that while sleeping, they are unable to smell anything, including something burning or smoke. This has often led to certain unfortunate circumstances where homeowners have suffered heavy fire damage to their homes while they are asleep. As such, it is extremely important to find reputable and reliable smoke detector installation services and Emergency Electrician Melbourne that can install a smoke detector that is fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

Homes that were constructed before the mandate of the Victorian law require a smoke detector installation that is powered by at least a 9-volt battery, however, homes that are constructed after this mandate explicitly require a smoke detector installation that is connected to the power mains of minimum 240 volts. As such, it is important to go for smoke detector installation services that have kept up with the times and can provide you with repairs and installation for both these types of smoke alarms.

Furthermore, any homes that have undergone a significant amount of work, like extensions and renovations after 2014 require multiple smoke alarms in the home. This means that your smoke detector installation company should know how to create a smoke alarm system that is completely interconnected.

While these laws may seem highly stringent, it is easy to see where the concern comes from. An improper smoke detector installation can end up costing you much more than property damage. As such, it is important that the smoke detector installation company you approach hold themselves to a certain set of standards to ensure that your smoke alarms will not give up on you at the most important moment.

At Titanium Electrical, we pride ourselves on placing the customer’s safety first. In addition to offering inspections for smoke alarms, we can also determine if the smoke detector installation and Home Energy Auditor in your home, requires an upgrade or any potential changes.

Our highly experienced technicians have spent a significant number of years dealing with smoke detector installation services for both commercial and residential purposes. You can be assured that when you approach us for smoke detector installation, your setup will be taken care of by a highly skilled and licenced technician in Melbourne.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best smoke detector installation companies in Melbourne and have an extensive amount of experience in multiple aspects of electrical services for both residential and commercial purposes.

It is important that you also conduct testing for your smoke detector installation, and it is imperative that this testing is done at the hands of licenced electricians. At Titanium Electrical, our smoke detector installation services are second to none and we can be at your location in an instant, to provide you with smoke detector testing.

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