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Emergency Lighting Melbourne

An emergency lighting installation and 24 Hour Electrician Melbourne has become imperative when it comes to the construction of any space where multiple people will be visiting. In fact, emergency lighting in Melbourne is mandated for a large variety of buildings, including public halls, government buildings, hospitals, schools, and a multitude of other facilities. Even emergency lighting inspection is a mandated process with every facility, requiring scheduled check-ups to ensure that the emergency lights are working in perfect condition. As such, the need for comprehensive emergency lighting services has become more crucial than ever.

Emergency lights have a very high utility value, where they can indicate any kind of pathway that is the safest route out of a structure that is in danger. Emergencies like a fire, a building cave-in or an earthquake can often cause a significant amount of disarray when it comes to evacuation procedures. Such emergency lights are the one and only way to ensure that these evacuation procedures are carried out in a safe fashion. Furthermore, emergency lighting installations are important, as they significantly help first responders when it comes to finding their way into the building.

There are a large variety of different types of emergency lights that vary based on the facility they are placed in. For example, most offices in Melbourne that have an emergency lighting installation and Commercial Electrician Services will have fixtures that are made out of standard thermoplastic. However, if you look at most government offices that use emergency lighting in Melbourne, there will be a focus on explosion-proof, emergency lights that can easily stand up to any kind of damage that might be caused by the environment around them.

Emergency Lighting Installation & Inspection Services


At Titanium Electrical, we provide emergency lighting installation, Downlight Installation Melbourne and emergency lighting inspection for our clients.

While emergency lights are immune to most situations where there is a loss of power, there can be situations where standard emergency lights are not able to have the required illumination in a specific situation.

 Furthermore, most emergency light installations have an illumination timer of 90 minutes and beyond this period, the emergency light will not glow without a power supply. As such, your emergency light setup must be in peak working condition. This requires comprehensive emergency lighting services with constant maintenance and inspection procedures.

At Titanium Electrical, we pride ourselves on providing prompt and reliable emergency lighting inspection every single day of the week.

If you need to have your emergency lighting installation checked, then simply reach out to us and we will send someone over to give a thorough and in-depth inspection to ensure that everything is working fine.

We can help ensure that your emergency lighting, battery backup systems, and any other wiring systems, adhere to the standard Australian practices. In fact, if your emergency lighting installation is not compliant with Australian standards, then you could face multiple penalties.

So, if you want your emergency lighting in Melbourne, to be reliable and operate comprehensively every single time, then reach out to Titanium Electrical today, and we’ll take care of it.

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