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How much do electricians charge to install downlights?

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What makes downlights work?

An Installation process for downlights entails a hollow opening must be available on your ceiling, while fastening an appropriate plug to a power cable inside the ceiling. Now, unlike a standard light fixture which is suspended from a ceiling, your downlight will be set back into the ceiling to fit properly against the surface

When you turn it on, it (downlight) casts a stunning beam that looks almost divine giving your home an aesthetic feel about it.

There are enough reasons to move over to downlights, but always make sure of the costs and the options involved as well.

4 Common Light Bulbs used for installation

When picking a light bulb do not assume low voltage bulbs will help with energy efficiency. In fact, Low voltage downlights need a transformer to minimize 240 volts of electricity to a cautious and safer 12 volts.

GU-10 bulbs are advisable because they can be used without a transformer and being a low voltage option they consume less energy as we
  • Maximizing your energy efficiency – 75% more than halogen
  • Non-dimmable only
  • Multiple colours – Cool white to even warm white
  • Expected lifetime – 8 to 15,000 hours
  • Maximizing your energy efficiency – 80% more than halogen
  • Blend of non-dimmable and dimmable choices
  • Expected lifetime – 25,000 hours
  • Less energy efficiency as opposed to LED and CFL
  • Invigorating and Clear light
  • Expected lifetime – Short upto 2000 hours
  • Old Globe/Outdated innovation
  • One of the least effective globe in the market
  • Expected lifetime – Short 750 to 1000 hours

Pros & Cons of utilizing Downlights

Uncomplicated and easy to install Emits light to a small area
Easily covers up defects in the ceilings If it is not carefully installed and maintained, it can increase the chances of fire to the wiring, insulation timber and can burn in the roof unseen above the smoke alarms.
Great choice of lighting for low ceilings, while reducing the chance of taller people hitting their heads because of the extra space available. Different/Multiple lights are needed for covering up a room.
Partially lights a room.
The sealed units are water-resistant.
Perfect for areas where directional light is needed like shower stalls.

Safety measures with downlights

The Department of Fire and Emergency services endorse the safety measures below for your downlight installation and maintenance:
Finally, If you are looking to install downlights and need help from top to bottom on this venture, look no further than our electrical experts and please call us for a Quote and cost-friendly solution for your downlights.

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Inclusive of any call-out fees, a skilled electrician would regularly charge anywhere from $50 – $70 per light for a brand new downlight installation. It’s fast becoming the fanciest choice of lighting for your home – giving a lustrous, shiny feel from the usual, traditional hanging fixture.

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