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How much do electricians charge per hour in Australia?

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Charges usually vary but in general expect somewhere in the 80 to the 120 dollar range for electricians Australia, this can also differ based on the nature of the installation, maintenance and repair work required.

Say for example you are building a flat from scratch or just simply renovating your home, it’s critical to know the rates for electrical services to plan an appropriate budget for the scope of the electrical jobs.
It cannot be stressed how important it is to discuss the rates per hour, the hours needed for the job and this includes the profits and overheads – before hiring an electrician.
Specific electrical works like upgrading a switchboard and installing power points must only be done through a licensed electrician, making sure of your safety while avoiding electrical service costs.

Costs for Electrical services

As stated earlier the pricing is heavily impacted on the kind of difficulty expected for each job by an electrician, some are mentioned below:

Data Cable work

Usually you can expect to shell out from 70 to 100 dollars per hour for data cabling work, which takes care of your computer network connections. Note: Expect also charges for the sockets required and other data cabling supplies.

24/7 Electricians (Emergency)

Because of the nature of the work of Emergency-electricians, which is usually after-hours, you can expect an average call out fee of 90 dollars and they usually cost more than hiring electricians at regular hours.

Lighting fixtures

Pricing here will usually be based on the length of the project, with the labour prices being confirmed based on installations from outdoors or indoors. Supply costs will range anywhere from 14 to 700 dollars for an LED downlight with 10W.

Fibre optic cables

Initially the costs are a little more high-priced than expected, but fibre optic cables are far more superior in terms of convenience and speed. Optical fibre cables are created out of glass fibres providing far more efficient connections than other kinds of cabling fixtures.

Power point installation

Cost of supplying power points (without switchboards and appliances) are below, this includes the pricing for the wiring and accessories of a switchboard – and they must be installed by a certified expert to avoid future defects:


Cost of rewiring is based on the electrical wiring system in one’s house. For example the cost to rewire a three bedroom home can be roughly 3500 to 5000+ dollars (inclusive of switchboard upgrades). Rewiring is a critical part of securing a safer electrical wiring system at one’s house.


Electrical repairs vary and are inclusive of fixing your ceiling fans, damaged cables and faulty power points.

For a PowerPoint Repair, expect anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars, mending a damaged cable is about 110 to 130 dollars and a fan repair (ceiling) is usually around 120 dollars.

At Titanium Electricals we can help you obtain a reasonable quote with our experienced electrical contractors, allowing you a feasible and cost-effective method for your electrical requirements at home.

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